In 2013, there were over half a million adult arrests made in New York State. A portion of those arrests are for minor crimes and have ended without a conviction. [source] The impact of an arrest on a person’s life is not often measured, seen, or heard by others. But, unfortunately an arrest can impact that person’s future heavily. It can prevent them from landing a job they need and they can experience a lifetime of discrimination.

In November, 2014, the Collateral Consequences Resource Center website launched to serve as an online resource for those who are in the process of re-entry to society. CCRC is a non-profit organization whose mission is to “promote public discussion of the collateral consequences of conviction, the legal restrictions and social stigma that burden people with a criminal record long after their court-imposed sentence has been served. “

When visiting CCRC, expect to find news and commentary specific to this area of law, written to reach lawyers, policymakers, and to help those directly affected by an arrest—the person, their family and their community.

LawHelpNY has additional resources on this topic. Some issues covered include: Criminal Records, Encounters with Police, Government benefits and criminal convictions. Theses resources can be found here.