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Breastfeeding (1)+

Emancipation (1)+

  • What are my rights as an emancipated minor?

    This resource explains what an emancipated minor is, when someone under 18 can be considered to be emancipated, and what rights you do and do not have as an emancipated minor. Read More

    The Door - A Center of Alternatives (for Youth)

I am an undocumented immigrant (1)+

Public benefits (2)+

Reproductive rights (1)+

Sexual health, pregnancy and abortion (6)+

Your rights in foster care (2)+

  • Juvenile Rights and Advocacy

    If you are a young person living in a group home, foster home or treatment center, this booklet can give you basic information about your rights, and how to stand up for them. The booklet covers a number of topics including health, custody, education, punishment, privacy and others. Look at the table of contents and then scroll down to read about the topic or topics that interest you. Read More

  • What are my rights as a child in foster care?

    This booklet is about the legal rights of kids in foster care and includes information about visits, school, pregnancy, sexual orientation, legal help, court and what to do if there are problems. Content Detail

    Lawyers For Children, Inc.

Youth (1)+


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