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NYC Housing Court

Is your landlord saying you owe rent? Have you received papers from housing court? 

These kinds of cases are called non-payment cases.

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This webpage has resources to help you learn what rights you have as a tenant, how to protect these rights in court yourself, and how to find free legal help so you don't have to face the issue on your own.

Court Forms

Click on the links below to access our free and easy to use do-it-yourself program. This program will help guide you step-by-step and prepare the following court forms for your non-payment case:   

► Vacate a Default Judgment

► Restore Case to Calendar

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get help paying overdue rent?

I am nervous about my first time at housing court. Is there a video I can watch that will show me what will happen?

Popular Resources

New York City Housing Court website

Glossary of Key Legal Terms

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Tenant Rights

Some of your rights as a tenant depend on your type of housing and your particular circumstances.

► Tenant Harassment

Rent Demand

A non-payment case is where a landlord or owner takes a tenant to housing court for not paying rent. Before starting a non-payment case, your landlord must give you a rent demand.

Your Day in Court

► Your Day in Housing Court 

Tenant Document Checklist

► Top Ten Mistakes Tenants Make in Housing Court

Settling Your Case

Settling or resolving your case can be one of the most important steps of your housing case.  The resources here will help you prepare for the settlement process and understand your rights.  

Settlement and Stipulation Checklist 

A Tenant's Guide to Negotiating with Your Landlord  

Find Legal Help

Search for free legal help

Call a housing hotline

Find help at the courthouse

Try - a free and interactive online tool to help New Yorkers get repairs. 

If you have received a notice of eviction, take action immediately. 

Non-payment proceedings and holdover proceedings in housing court can lead to eviction. 

► What will happen during an eviction?

Help With Rent

There may be options to help you if you can't pay overdue rent.

► Family Eviction Prevention Subsidy

► How Can People with Disabilities Stop Rent Increases?

► How Can Seniors Stop Rent Increases?

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