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You can use LiveHelp to chat with a volunteer trained to help you find the information you need to start solving your legal problem.

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Who will I be chatting with?

You will chat with staff and volunteers of LawHelpNY and its partner organizations. The staff and volunteers have been trained to help find information on the New York State Bar Association Covid-19 Page,, CourtHelp, and NY Crime Victims Legal Help.

When is the chat available?

LiveHelp is generally available for visitors to the NYSBA Covid-19 Page Monday to Friday 12PM to 3PM (Eastern Standard Time). LiveHelp is not available on most holidays.

What about privacy concerns?

You do not need to give us any personal information to use LiveHelp. Read our privacy policy for more information.

What kind of information can LiveHelp volunteers help me find?

On the NYSBA page, LiveHelp Operators can help you find information and referrals to volunteer attorneys that can help with questions about:

  • Unemployment Insurance and how to apply for benefits
  • Small estate administration, Surrogate's Court or filing for Probate if your family member passed away due to COVID-related causes

LiveHelp Operators can also help you find information on other legal problems, such as divorce, custody, debt, housing, government benefits, and much more.

LiveHelp Operators cannot give you advice on what to do in your particular case, but they can help you find organizations that may be able to advise or represent you for free.

LawHelpNY does not have information about criminal law. However, we do have information about problems that criminal charges or convictions can cause, such as employment problems or housing issues.