The Governor's Programs to Hire Individuals and Veterans with Disabilities consist of two specialized programs: the 55-b and the 55-c Program. These programs are coordinated efforts to place individuals with disabilities in entry-level state jobs.

Section 55-b of the New York State Civil Service Law authorizes the New York State Civil Service Commission to designate up to 1,200 positions normally filled through competitive examination to be filled through the appointment of qualified persons with disabilities. Section 55-c authorizes the designation of up to 500 positions in the non-competitive class to be filled by qualified wartime veterans with disabilities. In general, an entry-level position that is filled only through an open-competitive examination (one open to the public) may be used for a 55-b or 55-c appointment.

No initial written examination is required for appointment. To qualify for either program, you must first submit a formal application. A medical evaluation may be necessary for program certification.

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Last Reviewed: August 31, 2021