Going to housing court for repairs


Tip 1

At your first court date ask to see a copy of your completed HPD Inspection Report.

  • Check the Inspection Report: What conditions did HPD find to be violations? Which conditions did HPD decide were not violations?
  • If HPD did not find many of your bad conditions to be violations, you can ask HPD and the judge for another inspection. Show them any pictures you have of the bad conditions.

Tip 2

Do not sign anything if you do not agree with it! And keep pushing for your repairs - push the court and HPD to force your landlord to make the repairs!

  • Your landlord may not show up or may ask to postpone the case. Remember, you do not have to agree to this. Ask to speak with the judge if your landlord is trying to force you to sign something you don’t agree with.

Tip 3

After your case ends, if your landlord does not make the repairs, go back to court and let the judge know.

  • It is your responsibility to let the judge know if the landlord does not come and make the repairs on time.
  • File an Order to Show Cause in Housing Court to get a new court date. The judge can order the landlord to make the repairs again and also issue fines against the landlord.
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Last Reviewed: June 3, 2019