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Immigration Court Updates

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Status of Immigration Courts

  • Nationwide, all immigration courts have canceled non-detained court appearances up until June 12, 2020. That means that unless you are currently in immigration detention, all court appearances scheduled up until and including June 12, 2020 will be postponed to another date.


  • If you wear an ankle bracelet and have been required to attend frequent supervision check-ins with an officer, all meetings will be via telephone until July 2, 2020. You should not go to any in person meetings.


Update the court if your address changes

  • You should make sure that the immigration court has your most recent mailing address so that you receive a copy of any new court date. You must do this on Form EOIR-33, which you can download for free online. Each immigration court has a different one, so be sure to click on the one related to the court you have attended.


  • For example, if you live in New York and have attended immigration court at 26 Federal Plaza in New York City, you would click on the link and select the document.



  • You can complete and sign the form online with an electronic signature, or you can print out and sign with ink.


Filing in Immigration Court during the pandemic

  • During the pandemic, the immigration courts have created e-mail addresses for the purpose of filing. Electronic signatures are also temporarily accepted.






  • If you file with U.S. postal service, Fed Ex or UPS, be sure to send your documents with a method that will track your mail and provide you with a receipt.


Checking your Immigration Court Date



  • To check by phone or online, you will need your “A” number, which is an 8 or 9 digit number beginning with the letter “A”. You can find this number on any immigration court document.


  • Please note that the immigration courts are delayed in updating case dates. If you had a court date between now and May 29, 2020, it is cancelled, even if it has not changed on the phone or online system.


Information you need to know if you have filed or will file for Asylum


Important Deadlines for Asylum

There is a one-year deadline from when you entered the United States to file for asylum.

If you came to the country less than a year ago and fear returning to your home country, you MUST file an asylum application before the one year deadline, even if you are not scheduled to be in court.

The one year deadline is calculated from the first day you entered the United States, NOT from when your legal status expired.


How do I file the asylum application?

  • You must file Form I-589, which is free online and can be found on the USCIS website.



  • You must submit the application in English.


Do I file my asylum application if I don't have an attorney?

  • If you do not have an attorney, it is highly recommended to seek an attorney to help you file. If you are unable to find an attorney before the one-year deadline, you must go ahead and file.


  • If you have a notice to appear in immigration court, or have been attending immigration court, you must file with the court. You can file the I-589 and supporting documents via e-mail, or through the mail. The immigration court highly discourages any in person filings during the pandemic.


  • If you have not received a notice to appear in an immigration court, you should file the application with USCIS. The filing addresses are available on the USCIS website under the tab "Where to File." The filing address will depend on which state you live in. 



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Last Review and Update: Jun 01, 2020

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