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Pro se Appeals Manual: A Guide for Self-Represented Litigants Providing Basic Information about Civil Appeals

Authored By: New York State Bar Association - Pro Bono Appeals Program

This Pro Se Appeals Manual provides basic information about the steps to take if you are representing yourself in an appeal in a civil case before the Appellate Division, Third Judicial Department, known as the “Third Department.”

People representing themselves are called “pro se” litigants. Civil cases are non-criminal cases. The Third Department is a mid-level appeals court that decides appeals in cases from 28 upstate counties.

This Manual is designed to give you an overview of the process and help you, whether you are an appellant—the party initiating the appeal because of dissatisfaction with the lower court’s order or judgment—or a respondent responding to an appeal by the other side.

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Last Review and Update: Feb 06, 2019

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