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The Goddard Riverside Law Project was founded in 1981 to provide free legal services and tenant organizing assistance to low-income residents of single room occupancy (SRO) buildings on Manhattan's West Side. Preservation of SRO housing is essential because it is often the only housing available for some of the most vulnerable members of our society. The project helps tenants solve a wide array of problems, including eviction, rent overcharge, harassment, illegal construction, lack of heat and hot water, and other poor building conditions. Owners often employ these as "emptying tactics" in order to convert their buildings to more profitable luxury, tourist or student use.

How to Get Help

At this time we are offering remote services. Call (212) 799-9638 to speak with an office administrator or intake coordinator who will ask for contact information and some basic information. A staff member will reach out and do a full intake as well as provide advice or other services as necessary.

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