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Mobilization for Justice, Inc.provides advice, counsel and representation to help people with past criminal records re-enter the workforce. We help workers clean up rap sheets; obtain occupational licenses; appeal licensure denials; obtain occupational clearance from governmental agencies; and advocate with private employers.

The mission of Mobilization for Justice (formerly MFY Legal Services) is to achieve social justice, prioritizing the needs of people who are low-income, disenfranchised or have disabilities. We provide a range of legal services, from advice to full representation in administrative hearings, Court, and on appeal. We also initiate class action lawsuits and other impact litigation to address the root causes of inequities.

How to Get Help

At this time we are offering remote services via an updated phone intake line, email, online intake portals, and social media. Please call (212) 417-3838 Tuesdays between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m.

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