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Founded in 1984, the MinKwon Center for Community Action is a leading force for progressive change in the Korean-American, Asian-American, and immigrant communities of greater New York, and works to achieve social justice, economic empowerment, and civic engagement for these communities. MinKwon places a special emphasis on meeting the needs of marginalized community members who have less access to resources, including youth, elderly, recent immigrants, low-income residents, and limited English proficient residents. MinKwon's goals are as follows:

• To educate community members about issues that impact their lives and their communities;

• To build an informed and active base of Korean and Asian-American community members who will advocate for equitable immigration and, housing issues, and other areas of community concern;

• To deliver critical legal and social services to low- and middle-income members of the community to alleviate poverty and hardship;

• To increase voter engagement among new American voters;

• To educate and engage our youth as the next generation of civic leaders; and

• To celebrate Asian-American culture by promoting ethnic and cultural heritage and contributing to the vibrant multiculturalism in New York City and the nation. The MinKwon Center receives financial support in the form of government, foundation, and corporate funding as well as individual contributions, special fundraising events.

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