The Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) is for providers of child and adult day care services, such as:

  1. Child Care Centers: Including preschools, daycare facilities, and Head Start programs.
  2. Family Day Care Homes: Where a caregiver provides child care in their own home.
  3. After-School Programs: Offering care and snacks to children after school hours.
  4. Adult Day Care Centers: Serving meals and snacks to elderly or disabled adults in a group setting.

Providers can benefit from CACFP by receiving financial assistance and support to serve nutritious meals and snacks to the individuals they care for.

Here's what you should know:

  1. Eligibility: You must meet certain requirements to participate in CACFP. This may include being licensed or approved by the relevant state agency, as well as meeting meal and nutrition standards.

  2. Nutrition Guidelines: CACFP requires you to follow specific nutritional guidelines when planning and preparing meals and snacks. These guidelines aim to ensure that the food served is healthy and meets dietary requirements.

  3. Reimbursements: CACFP offers financial reimbursements to eligible providers to help cover the cost of food and meal preparation. You can receive funds based on the number of eligible meals and snacks served to participants.

  4. Education: The program includes an educational component to help you understand and implement proper nutrition and meal planning. 

  5. Record-Keeping: You are typically required to keep records of the meals and snacks served, attendance, and related documentation to demonstrate compliance with program requirements.

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