legal resources new yorkAccording to statistics from New York's legal aid information website,, low-income New Yorkers downloaded legal resources related to family-related and housing issues in 2013.  During this year, LawHelpNY received over 350,000 visits and over 1 million page views. After reviewing the information that users were searching for, it became clear that many people were searching for assistance on how to deal with the aftermath of a divorce or separation, along with resources on how to navigate housing court.

Below is the breakdown of the 10 most downloaded legal resources for New Yorkers in 2013.


New York Divorce Information 


General information about divorce, including the grounds (reasons) for divorce, links to the necessary forms and step by step instructions. Also explains how to contest a divorce that you do not want.  Read English here and Spanish here.


How to Effect Service by Publication

by City Bar Justice Center 

After you file for divorce, your spouse must be personally served with the divorce papers. If you don't have any contact and don't know where he/she lives or works, you will need to inform your spouse about about the divorce through "service by publication." This booklet explains how to do this. Click here to read.


Tenant's Rights Guide: Leases Rent and Lease Succession or Termination 

by NYS Attorney General's Office

A summary of tenant's rights as they relate to leases, rent, when a lease may be passed on to someone else, and when a lease may be ended. Click here to read.


How to Calculate Child Support Amount 

by South Brooklyn Legal Services (A Program of Legal Services NYC)

 This fact sheet shows how the court is supposed to figure out how much child support should be paid. Click here to read. Also available in Korean.


Holdover Proceedings

by City-Wide Task Force on Housing Court

This fact sheet has general information about eviction cases that are brought for reasons other than nonpayment of rent, including possible defenses to such a case. Click here to read.


How to Document Your Case Get Support from Congress and Fight Outside the Courts

by Families for Freedom

This resource show you how to document your favorable factors which could assist avoiding deportation. Click here to read.


New York Custody Info


Information on custody and visitation, including factors that might be taken into consideration when deciding whether to file for custody, the different types of custody, and how to file for temporary emergency custody. Read in English here  and Spanish here.


Interactive Form: Online Support Modification Program

by NYS Unified Court System

You can use the Support Modification Petition to ask (or "petition") the Family Court to change a support order if there is a "change in circumstances." This program will help you fill out the petition that you will need to file in Family Court. Click here to use.


Tenant's Rights Guide: Habitability and Repairs, Safety, Tenants Personal Rights, Utility Services 

by NYS Attorney General's Office

A summary of tenant's rights as they relate to repairs, safety, tenant associations, privacy, discrimination, utilities, finding an apartment, roommates and pets. Click here to read.


New York State Grounds for Divorce

 by Legal Assistance of Western New York (LAWNY) 

Learn about where to go to file for divorce and the different grounds (reasons) for divorce. Click here to read.