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LawHelpNY is New York’s leading legal information and referral resource helping low-income New Yorkers find solutions to their legal problems. Thousands of unrepresented New Yorkers come to looking for help with legal problems.

Navigating the legal system without the assistance of an attorney can be overwhelming and confusing. LiveHelp seeks to increase access to the free legal information written in plain language on and help vulnerable New Yorkers solve their civil legal problems.

Neither LiveHelp nor LawHelpNY give legal advice but rather, LiveHelp Operators connect people with relevant legal information, DIY forms and referrals to legal service providers.

Volunteer Testimonial


"Serving as a LiveHelp Operator has been
an invaluable experience for me,
not only as a law student but as a person.

It opened my eyes to the legal issues people face daily, and being able to help and offer hope was rewarding.

I found myself reflecting on how much of a difference LawHelpNY is making for residents in NY when they have nowhere else to turn.

I will always be proud to be a part of that."

Celia, Pace Law School


Who can volunteer and how does it work?

LiveHelp is staffed primarily by law students, law graduates, and volunteer attorneys, under the supervision of a LawHelpNY staff attorney.

Generally, LiveHelp volunteers are required to commit to at least one weekly, three-hour shift for the duration of their service. Due to the significant investment in training and administration for each volunteer, it is expected that volunteers will commit to at least 50 hours of pro bono service as a LiveHelp Operator.

Volunteers work from their own computer, in any location where they can reliably access the internet. Volunteers are supervised by LawHelpNY staff, who review transcripts of chats.

Upon satisfactory completion of at least 50 hours and the exit survey, LawHelpNY will complete any required paperwork necessary to satisfy the pro bono requirement of the New York State Bar or your law school.

I have more questions...

Read this resource for answers to the most common questions we are asked by those thinking of applying to be a LiveHelp volunteer.

You can apply online to become a LiveHelp Volunteer

To be considered for a volunteer position for Summer 2022, please complete our online application, and email your resume with LiveHelp Volunteer Application, Summer 2022 in the subject line, to  by May 20th , 2022. The Summer 2022 session runs from June through August.

If you are applying after May 6th, 2022, you will be considered for a volunteer position for Fall 2022. Here is the online application. In addition, email your resume with LiveHelp Volunteer Application, Fall  2022 in the subject line. The Fall  2022 session runs from September through November.