NICE is proud to release  ¡No me han pagado!, an illustrated, Spanish-language know your rights booklet to help jornaleros, or day laborers, protect themselves from wage theft. The booklet was created by the Center of Urban Pedagogy and designer Caroline Oh, with input from NICE members. NICE members also grace its pages as illustrations.

The pocket-sized booklet visually explains the labor laws all day laborers should know, from what they should be paid for to what to keep track of on the job to better protect themselves to what to do if they are owed wages.

NICE plans to distribute over 2,000 booklets to  workers at the day laborer corners in Queens and through its workers’ center trainings and meetings, as well as through workers centers around the state.  We also intend to use the booklets as an organizing tool to strengthen state wage theft laws and to improve state agency oversight of wage and hour violations.

To learn more about the project, or to purchase copies, visit the CUP project page.

To download the booklet, click here.