New York City housing court can be challenging. It might even make you feel like a tourist in your own city. And it can be especially tricky without legal representation (going “pro-se”).

Luckily there are a number of resources available, like LawHelpNY’s NYC housing court mini-portal, to help you navigate housing court. For instance, the portal includes advice from Angela Pham, a volunteer with the Metropolitan Council on Housing, who shares her 10 tips on navigating housing court.

Also, additional support for Spanish-speakers now available via Housing Court Answers. You may already be familiar with the HCA website, as it has information and resources for tenants, landlords, advocates, and researchers. We are pleased to share that their website has a number of its resources available in Spanish. You can browse through their Spanish resources here.

These include:

Nonpayment cases for tenants - Casos por falta de pago

The court process for tenants - El proceso judicial

Holdover cases for tenants - Casos por holdover

Stipulations for tenants - Estipulaciones

HP actions for repairs and services for tenants - Acciones de HP para reparaciones y servicios

Qué hacer si recibe un aviso del aguacil

Housing Court Answers, formerly City-wide Task Force on Housing Court, has been serving the public for thirty years.

If you are looking for additional resources regarding housing court, visit LawHelpNY’s mini-portal, a one-stop shop for resources and information on housing court.