Cover of new NYCHA resource on how to get repairs in NYCHA housing

LawHelpNY is proud to announce a new series of resources designed to help public housing tenants in New York City successfully get repairs from NYCHA, the city's public housing authority.

The resources, developed in partnership with Housing Court Answers, offer practical advice on how to effectively exercise one's right to a home in good condition, including the best way to ask for repairs and, if necessary, how to open a case in housing court.

The resources also include quick, embedded surveys designed to help LawHelpNY better understand the needs of NYCHA tenants. Visitors are not required to take the surveys but doing so will greatly help LawHelpNY improve its offerings. The surveys only take a second or two, so your participation is appreciated!

The new resources are located on and you can find them below:

How to get NYCHA to make repairs in your home

This interactive lesson walks you through the process of requesting repairs from NYCHA and if necessary, how to take NYCHA to court for failing to make repairs.

How to take NYCHA to court for repairs

This interactive lesson walks you through each step in the process of taking NYCHA to court for repairs. It will explain how to start a case against NYCHA, what will happen in housing court, and what to do if NYCHA does not follow through on agreed actions.

How to serve NYCHA via certified mail

This resource explains in detail the process of serving court papers on NYCHA via certified mail, and what is required to prove to the housing court judge that NYCHA was properly served.

Who’s who in housing court (NYCHA)

This resource explains who a NYCHA resident may encounter when taking NYCHA to court to demand repairs to their home. Readers will learn the roles of different people in the courtroom and who they can ask for help.

All of the resources are available in English and Spanish.