Is your landlord one of the worst? To find out, check the Office of the Public Advocate’s Worst Landlords Watchlist. There you can see the recently released list of the 100 worst landlords in New York City. The website allows residents, advocates, and public officials to see which buildings and property owners consistently violate the City’s housing laws.

Worst Landloards


The Office of the Public Advocate also provides information on tenants’ rights, as well as responses to some of the most common questions from tenants about housing in New York City, such as the following (click on the question for the answer):

  1. I think my building should be on the list, but it's not. What should I do?
  2. Where do I make a complaint about a housing violation?
  3. How do I form a tenants association?
  4. What are the laws concerning heat?
  5. What are the laws concerning hot water?
  6. By how much can my rent increase this year?
  7. Can a landlord increase my rent without renewing my lease?
  8. How do I find out if my apartment is rent stabilized?
  9. What do I do if my landlord locks me out of my apartment?
  10. How do I know if I am being evicted illegally?
  11. How many days do I have to prepare to leave if I receive an eviction notice?
  12. How do I delay an eviction?
  13. Where is the Housing Court located in my borough?
  14. Where is the DHCR rental assistance office located in my borough?

If you have more questions about your rights as a tenant in New York City, check out or

The Public Advocate, Letitia James, serves as a direct link between New Yorkers and the government, acting as a watchdog over City agencies and investigating complaints about City services. For more information and how to contact the Public Advocate, click here.