freeze your rent

The NYC Rent Freeze Program for Seniors and People with Disabilities (also known as SCRIE and DRIE) is a great way to help NYC tenants stay in their homes and keep their rent low.

It’s been 6 months since the Department of Finance published the NYC Rent Freeze Report, which identifies where potentially eligible people live throughout the City.

With over 90,000 potentially eligible households not enrolled in the program, we have taken on a number of new initiatives to spread the word and get those that are eligible, enrolled in this valuable benefit. The enrollments have increased from last May by 6,900 and we are focused on increasing these numbers even more.

One of the initiatives is a new website, filled with useful information and tools to assist you and those you help.

By visiting the enhanced site you will see tabs where you can find out:

  • “Am I Eligible” - use the Eligibility Tool – answer 6 quick questions to find out if your constituent is eligible for the NYC Rent Freeze Program. There is also a link for seniors, to help them find a senior center near close by that will help them in completing the application.
  • How we “Freeze Your Rent”  - from how income is calculated to what charges are covered by the program, this section will explain key processes that help us determine eligibility and how to calculate the frozen rent amount.
  • “How to Apply” - watch videos that will guide you through filling out the SCRIE and DRIE applications, learn about renewing the benefit and what happens if there is a decrease in household income, changes in household members or any other significant changes during the benefit period
  • “Tools” – find applications, the NYC Rent Freeze Guide for Tenants and other marketing materials.

Along with an expanded website,  it is easier for you to contact SCRIE or DRIE directly. By visiting either or, you can submit inquiries directly to the Customer Service Team.


-NYC Department of Finance