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  • Find Your Next Court Date: WebCrims Criminal Court Case Information

    WebCrims provides online access to criminal cases with future appearance dates in all criminal courts in New York City and Nassau and Suffolk Counties, the County Courts in the Ninth Judicial District (which includes Westchester, Rockland, Orange, Putnam and Dutchess Counties), the County Court in Erie County, and the Buffalo City Court. It also displays universal summons case information for the five counties of New York City. Content Detail

    New York State Unified Court System

Arrest and incarceration (4)+

  • Arraignment in Criminal Court

    Guide to the arraignment process in New York State criminal courts. Content Detail

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  • Arrest to Sentence Narrative + Flow Chart

    The criminal justice process can be confusing to people not familiar with criminal law. This arrest-to-sentence flow chart and legal glossary are designed to explain and clarify the criminal justice process in New York County. Created by the New York District Attorney. **The Arrest to Sentence Flow Chart can be found in the separate website attachment** Read More

    NY County DAs Office
  • What Can I Expect If I Am Arrested?

    Detailed information about arrest process including arrest processing, Miranda rights, stay at Central Booking, any medication issues after arrest, and what to expect at arraignment (arraignment is when defendant is formally informed of the charges against him/her and their rights as a defendant.) Content Detail

  • What If Someone I Know Is Arrested?

    Basic information on how to locate an individual who has been arrested and summary information on what happens after an arrest has been made. Includes contact information for and directions to Central Booking in each borough. Content Detail

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  • Getting your rights back

    Read about ways to get your rights back with a Certificate of Relief from Disabilities and a Certificate of Good Conduct. Content Detail

    New York State Unified Court System
  • Reentry Resource Center of New York maintains the Reentry Resource Center for New York which is a support network and information clearinghouse on prison, reentry, and the consequences of criminal proceedings. Content Detail


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