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Erie County

Who We Are

Jericho Road Community Health Center's Vive shelter is the largest refugee shelter in the United States. Since our founding in 1984 VIVE has served tens of thousands of asylum seekers from more than 100 countries.

Vive serves individuals as they begin the process of seeking asylum. Last year VIVE served more than 2,000 refugees, 60% of whom were women and children.

VIVE operates a shelter with 112 beds, a kitchen, a legal clinic, and a free "store" to distribute donated clothing. An essential part of VIVE's work is providing legal advice and assistance for refugees seeking protection in Canada or the United States.

We provide this with trained staff, a staff attorney, paralegal assistants, and volunteers. 

Physical address:

VIVE - Jericho Road Community Health Center
50 Wyoming Ave.
Buffalo, NY 14215

Mailing Address:

Jerecho Road Community Health Center
VIVE Shelter
184 Barton St.
Buffalo, NY 14213

How to Get Help

Please call (716) 892-4354.

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Last Reviewed: December 30, 2019