• If either you or your Domestic Partner get married to each other or to another person, your Domestic Partnership is automatically terminated.


  • You or your Domestic partner may terminate your Domestic Partnership by filing a Termination Statement in person at one of our office locations, by making an appointment for Domestic Partnership Registration at www.nyc.gov/cupid.
  • If the Termination Statement has not been signed by both you and your partner, you must notify your partner of your termination by Certified Mail, Return Receipt requested and provide a postal paid receipt as proof of the mailing via Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested with your completed and signed Termination Statement.
  • The fee for Domestic Partnership Termination is $27 by credit card or money order payable to the City Clerk.
  • You must show one of the valid forms of identification as described above under the heading: Required Types of Identification. If it is impossible for you to come to our offices to file your Termination Statement, you may file the Termination Statement, you may file the Termination Statement by mail: Download the Termination Statement.
  • Please mail the completed and Signed Termination Statement and supportingdocuments, a photocopy of your ID and the requested fee of $27 by money order payable to the City Clerk to the Manhattan office:

Office of the City Clerk

New York City Marriage Bureau

141 Worth Street

New York, New York 10013

Attention: Domestic Partnership Termination

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    Last Reviewed: April 25, 2023