When you need information about your military service and records, the SF-180 form is a valuable resource. It provides a way to request your military records from various branches of the armed forces. By submitting an SF-180 form, you can obtain important documents such as your discharge papers, service records, awards and medals, and other relevant information.

The SF-180 form serves as a standardized request that ensures proper handling and processing of your military record inquiry. It includes sections where you can provide personal details, specify the type of records you are requesting, and indicate the purpose of your request. It is important to accurately complete the form to ensure that the appropriate records are retrieved.

Submitting an SF-180 form allows you to access your military records for personal reference, to apply for veterans' benefits, or to conduct genealogical research. These records hold essential information about your military service, including dates of service, assignments, and any honors or awards received.

To request your military records using the SF-180 form, you can either complete and mail the form to the appropriate address or utilize online resources provided by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). The NARA website offers instructions on how to fill out the form and provides guidance on where to send it based on your branch of service.

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Last Reviewed: May 19, 2023