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Get the Power of Attorney form and instructions

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Things you should know before starting


Getting help

If you can’t find legal help or you can't go to a lawyer, you can create your Power of Attorney on your own using this form.

Once the pandemic is over, it is highly recommended that you review the Power of Attorney with the assistance of a lawyer.

If you haven't tried to get connected with a lawyer yet, you may be able to find free legal help near you using our Find a Lawyer search.

Signing the form

Both you and your agent must have your signature notarized.

Each of you will do this separately.

The governor has temporarily authorized “e-notarization” so you don’t have to meet with a notary in person. If you plan to use this option please read this page for more instructions.

What to do next

You can print the form and fill it out by hand or fill out the form on your computer and then click print to get a typed version.

If you choose to fill it out on the computer and then print the typed version, do not type in initials or signatures. 

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Download the form (click the PDF icon)

Download the instructions for the form (click the PDF icon)

Last Review and Update: Jul 31, 2020