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I am in foster care (3)+

  • I want to know more about my SPR and my UCR

    This information is for young people who want to know their rights in foster care, and how the SPR/UCR process can help. Content Detail

    The Door - A Center of Alternatives (for Youth)
  • Answers from Lawyers for Children

    Lawyers for Children have made videos and handbooks to help answers questions you may have about foster care, education, LGBTQ youth, pregnant and parenting teens, and mental health issues in English and Spanish. Read More

    Lawyers For Children, Inc.
  • What are my rights as a child in foster care?

    This booklet is about the legal rights of kids in foster care and includes information about visits, school, pregnancy, sexual orientation, legal help, court and what to do if there are problems. Content Detail

    Lawyers For Children, Inc.

I am in foster care and have a child of my own (2)+

I am in foster care but turned 18 (4)+

I am caring for a foster child (1)+

My child is in foster care (2)+


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