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  • External Appeals - Frequently Asked Questions, Instructions, and Applications

    Consumers in NYS have the right to an external appeal when an HMO or insurer denies health care services as not medically necessary, experimental or investigational, or in certain cases as out-of-network. Content Detail

    New York State Department of Financial Services
  • How Can I Advocate for Myself?

    If you have a disagreement with your insurance company, here are some suggestions on what steps to take and how to try to resolve the dispute in your favor. Content Detail

    National Health Law Program (HealthCareCoach)
  • Managed Care Complaints and Appeals

    This resource provides a step-by-step guide on what to do if you are dissatisfied with your plan or any of its employees, providers, or contractors, or your plan's services, determination of benefits, or the health care treatment received through the plan, you can file a complaint or grievance with your plan. Content Detail

    New York State Department of Health
  • Your Rights as a Health Insurance Consumer

    A fact sheet put out by the New York State Insurance Department about the basic rights of health insurance consumers, including information on how to file a complaint against your health insurance company. Content Detail

    New York State Insurance Department

Health and other benefits (1)+

  • Hard Times and Health Insurance: Staying Covered When You Lose Your Job

    In response to the growing number of New Yorkers who risk losing health insurance coverage in the current troubled economy, this guide--the first to help New Yorkers understand how to benefit from the COBRA premium assistance enacted in 2009, and presents practical advice on state and federal protections, and how to exercise them. Content Detail

    United Hospital Fund

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Managed care (2)+

  • Managed Care Bill of Rights

    A summary of your legal rights if you are covered by insurance under a managed care plan. Content Detail

    New York State Department of Health
  • What is Managed Care?

    This fact sheet explains what managed care is, including some important information to help you understand how this this type of health insurance coverage works. Content Detail

    National Health Law Program (HealthCareCoach)

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