If you are planning a funeral, you have many decisions to make. You may feel overwhelmed or confused. Funeral homes are licensed by the state and must follow the rules.

Funeral homes cannot:

  • pressure the customer to select certain services or merchandise
  • charge an additional fee for filing the death certificate or getting it medically certified
  • charge a "handling fee" for paying third parties on your behalf
  • charge a fee for handling a casket provided by the customer
  • charge for any service or merchandise not selected by the customer
  • charge interest on an outstanding balance unless this charge is disclosed at the time the funeral arrangements were initially made and is stated in the "Itemized Statement"
  • have someone other than a licensed funeral director make funeral arrangements, prepare the body, or supervise the burial
  • misrepresent laws and regulations about funeral directing


  • You do not have to accept services or merchandise you don't want!
  • You must be informed of all charges in advance!
  • Always get a receipt!

Read this brochure to learn more before you make any commitments or decisions.


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Last Reviewed: April 27, 2023