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Court Information (2)+

  • Homes and Evictions

    Find information about evictions and foreclosures for owners, landlords and tenants. Find forms to help you answer an eviction case. Content Detail

    New York State Unified Court System
  • What is an appeal?

    An appeal is when someone who loses a case asks an Appellate Court, a higher court, to review the decision and change it. Appeals are hard and have strict rules and deadlines. Learn about the process to get started. Content Detail

    New York State Unified Court System

Court Forms (1)+

  • Find forms on LawHelpNY

    Click on the topic that applies to you, to see the full list of interactive forms we have available for that area. For those interactive interviews that help you for court, once you have answered all of the questions, you will be able to print out your forms and take it to the court clerk. Content Detail

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