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Hurricane Ida Resources (5)+

  • Hurricane Ida Information

    This resource acts as a guide to public benefits and disaster legal issues stemming from Hurricane Ida. Get help recovering from Hurricane Ida, apply for FEMA, appeal a FEMA decision, find legal assistance for insurance claims and disputes, problems with your landlord, replacing important documents like birth certificates. Read More

    LawHelpNY (Adapted from a resource by Lagniappe Law Lab)
  • COVID-19 Funeral Assistance Program

    The resource includes general information about the COVID-19 Funeral Assistance Program and Frequently Asked Questions about how to appeal FEMA’s determination if an applicant has been denied financial assistance or awarded an amount that’s not enough to cover funeral expenses. Read More

    Pro Bono Net
  • Create your own FEMA Appeal Letter

    You can use this site to appeal a denial by FEMA even if you are not able to consult a lawyer. After you respond to the questions in this interactive interview, the program will use your answers to create a letter to request your file and to appeal your FEMA denial. This interactive program does two things: (1) Creates a FEMA Appeal letter that applicants can use to dispute a FEMA decision, and (2) Creates a File Request letter that applicants can use to request their FEMA file. Content Detail

    Pro Bono Net
  • Figuring out FEMA

    A free and visual guide that breaks down the process of enrolling in FEMA’s Individual Assistance program. The guide also explains how to appeal FEMA’s decision if you are denied aid or need more assistance and explains your rights when interacting with FEMA. Content Detail

    The Center for Urban Pedagogy
  • Five common FEMA mistakes to avoid

    This video is intended to help disaster victims and explains how to avoid 5 common mistakes in filing a FEMA claim. (Credit: In creating this video, TalksOnLaw relied on insight from pro bono and public interest attorney experts from APBCo (The Association of Pro Bono Counsel), NYLAG, and the New York Chief Judge's Task Force on Hurricane Relief.) Content Detail


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources (1)+

  • What to know if you have emergency needs at this time

    If you are a New York resident in urgent need of cash, watch this video to learn whether you may qualify for emergency cash assistance, what cash assistance provides, and how Covid-19 related considerations may affect your situation. Read More

    Legal Services of the Hudson Valley

Learn the basics (5)+

Flood insurance (7)+

  • Flood Insurance Premium Increase Guide

    While this 32-page guide was written for advocates, homeowners will gain important information and insight into managing flood insurance and the increased premiums. If you have questions, contact 917-661-4500. Content Detail

    Legal Services NYC
  • Flood Recovery & Insurance

    This resource features consumer-oriented tips on flood insurance for homeowners. It was compiled by non-profit disaster victim advocates in New York, New Jersey, and California that provide pro bono service and have expertise in insurance aspects of flood recovery. This information is based on lessons learned in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy and many other flood events. Content Detail

    Touro Law Center Disaster Relief Clinic
  • is the official web site of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Click to learn how flood insurance is different from regular homeowners insurance, why it's important to have protection from the floods from hurricanes and tropical storms, the types of flood insurance offers to homeowners, renters, and business owners if their community participates in the NFIP, and when buying flood insurance is required if you live in a flood zone. Content Detail

    The National Flood Insurance Program
  • Insurance Checklist 2

    This checklist provides practical and plain-English information focusing on the flood insurance proof of loss deadline and the flood insurance statute of limitations deadline as well as important tips and information. Content Detail

    Touro Law Center
  • Insurance Checklist 1

    This checklist is the first in a series with practical information for victims of Superstorm Sandy. It covers: (1) Notices and related requirements for upcoming insurance deadlines concerning “replacement cost value,” or “RCV.” (2) Notice of loss and damage that might be covered by flood or homeowner policies. (3) How to get your policy, and how to request your claims file. The checklist includes sample language for notices to insurers, and other tips, based on how we have advised our clients. Content Detail

    Touro Law Center (in collaboration with Greenblatt & Agulnick, PC and David L. Singer, )
  • Use this form letter to request your flood insurance claims file

    This form letter requests your flood insurance claims file, including requesting whether you received any “denial.” Content Detail

    Touro Law School
  • Who is Required to Carry Flood Insurance and How Much

    This 4-page fact sheet explains the minimum requirements, including for people who received FEMA assistance, SBA loans or Build It Back Assistance as well as people with mortgages. Content Detail

    Legal Services NYC

New York State assistance (3)+

FEMA and other federal assistance (4)+

I have survived a disaster (1)+

  • Energy Assistance

    Here is a list of programs that help people with their utility bills such as for electricity, heat and gas. Go through the programs listed to see which one may apply to you. Content Detail

    HeartShare Human Services of New York

I want to file a complaint (1)+

I want to apply for public assistance (1)+