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  • Medigap Insurance

    Information on Medigap Insurance--also known as Medicare supplemental insurance--including links to plans currently available in NYS and their cost, tips on how to select a plan, rules about when you can enroll or change plans, what effect a pre-existing condition has on enrollment, and where to complain. Content Detail

    New York State Office for the Aging
  • Filling Gaps in Medicare

    Interactive explaination of Medigap coverage and how to choose plans. To get New York State specific information, be sure to select NEW YORK in the "STATE"tab on the upper righthand corner of the screen. Content Detail

  • How Do the Benefits Under The Different Medigaps Compare?

    Description of what services are covered in standardized Medigap plans "A""through "L"with a comparison chart. Content Detail

  • Medicaid with a Spend-Down

    Individuals who are over the age of 65, or certified disabled may be "over-income" for traditional Medicaid, can pay a "spend-down" in order to qualify for Medicaid on an ongoing basis. In this article, learn how the monthly spend-down requirement is determined and methods of payment. This coverage can be retroactive for up to 3 months prior to the date of the application. Content Detail

    Legal Assistance of Western New York, Inc.- LawNY® - Geneva Office
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