You can ask the Family Court to keep your address private. This means that your address is not shared with the other person in your case. All court papers have your address on it and the other person gets a copy of the court papers, so if you do not want the other person to know your address, you have to ask for your address to be kept confidential.

To keep your address private:

  1. Tell the Family Court clerk that you would like to keep your address confidential. The clerk will give you an "Address Confidentiality Affidavit" that must be filled in and signed. If the Court give you an Address Confidentiality Order, then your address will not be printed on any court papers.
  2. New York State has an Address Confidentiality Program. This is a free program for victims of domestic violence who have had to move or are planning to move to a new location for safety reasons. If approved for the program, your address is kept secret on court papers, government records, driver's licenses, and applications for services like unemployment insurance and public assistance. You must apply and enroll to use this program.


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Last Reviewed: April 27, 2023