The process of applying for Medicaid and home care services in New York City is different depending upon what type of service, whether you already have Medicare, where you live, and whether you have an "immediate need" for the personal care or CDPAP services.

Most adult dual eligibles (those with both Medicare and Medicaid) are required to enroll in MLTC plans to receive Medicaid home care services. To apply for Medicaid home care in NYC, you should submit your application to the Home Care Services Program Central Medicaid Unit. Make sure to include all the necessary supporting documents, such as the Medicaid application form and verification of your financial resources. There are different procedures for those with an immediate need for home care services, and additional forms may be required.

Once your Medicaid application is accepted, you will be referred to choose an MLTC plan or be assigned one.

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Last Reviewed: July 6, 2023