What is Partner Notification?

Letting sexual and needle-sharing partners know they may have been exposed to HIV. You can get help and/or:

  • have a counselor tell your partners for you without ever revealing your identity;
  • tell your partners with the help of your doctor or counselor; or
  • tell your partners yourself

Why is HIV reporting and notifying partners important?

The New York State Department of Health needs information about the HIV/AIDS cases to help prevent cases and care for people. Partner notification is important because:

  • It helps people who have been exposed to HIV learn about their risk so they can get tested.
  • If they test positive, they can learn about treatment that may help them live longer, healthier lives.
  • If they test positive, they can learn about ways to prevent passing HIV to others.
  • If they test negative, they can learn how to stay that way.


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Last Reviewed: May 17, 2023