If you live in a mobile home park, there are some rules that protect you.

While you are a renter, the park owner must:

  • Keep your home in habitable condition;
  • Make all major repairs and improvements; and
  • Keep it safe and healthy. 

There are limits on rent increases:

  • New York law restricts how much the park owner can increase your rent. Usually, it's limited to a 3% increase. But if they have a good reason, they might raise it by 6%.
  • If your park owner wants more than a 3% increase, you can challenge it in court. A judge will decide if it's fair.

There are Rent-to-Own protections:

  • If you're doing a rent-to-own deal with the park owner, they must give you a contract that explains everything.
  • The contract should include:
    • What the deal involves.
    • All the fees and charges you'll pay during the contract.
    • The fair market value of the mobile home.
    • The owner's responsibility for major repairs and improvements while you're renting.
    • That you're renting until the property title is transferred. Until then, the owner must maintain your home, do repairs, and keep it safe.
  • Your lease must include a rider about tenant rights.
  • Once a year, you should get a detailed list of all your payments for the rent-to-own agreement.
  • If the park owner ends your lease, they must refund all your rent-to-own payments, along with any lot or home rent you paid.
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Last Reviewed: November 5, 2023