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How to safely order your credit report if you are a victim of domestic violence

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What is a credit report?   +

Your credit report lists all your credit cards, loans and other debts.  Your credit report also lists your address and the banks where you have applied for credit cards or loans.

Why should I order my credit report? +

If you were dating or married to an abusive person, he or she might have taken out credit cards or loans in your name without your permission. So, you should order your credit report.  

How can I order my credit report? +

You can order at least one free credit report each year by phone, internet or mail:

- Phone: Call 1-877-322-8228

- Internet: Go to 

- Mail: Print the Annual Credit Report Request Form, fill in the form and mail it to:

  Annual Credit Report Request Service
  P.O. Box 105281
  Atlanta, GA 30348-5281

I am afraid that my abuser can also order my credit report. How can I stay safe? +

If you think that your abuser can order your credit report, you should do the following:

Do NOT list your actual address on applications for credit cards or loans.  Instead list a P.O. Box address because the address you give will show up on your credit report.

- If you have moved far away from your abuser, then do NOT apply for credit in your local area.  For example, do not apply for a mortgage or other loan from a local bank. 

Do NOT give your address to the credit reporting agency because the address you give will likely show up on your credit report.  If your abuser gets a hold of your credit report, then he or she will know where you live.  Instead, give a P.O. Box for your address.


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Last Review and Update: Jun 04, 2017

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