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I want a divorce (1)+

  • New York Divorce

    General information about divorce, including the grounds (reasons) for divorce, links to the necessary forms and step by step instructions. Explains how to contest a divorce that you do not want, what you might get in a divorce and whether your children's last name will change because of a divorce. Content Detail

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I am divorced and filing for Social Security (2)+

I want alimony (maintenance) or spousal support (1)+

  • Spousal support or maintenance

    Spousal support is court ordered money paid to support a spouse. Maintenance or “temporary maintenance” is support ordered to be paid for an ex-spouse, or while a divorce case is pending in court. Click here to read more information on spousal support including what court issues the orders, how the amount is determined, and how it can be changed. Content Detail

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I am afraid the other parent may kidnap our child (1)+

My spouse filed for divorce (1)+


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