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  • Questions and answers about NYC Housing Court

    Questions and answers that cover the basics about Housing Court in New York City Content Detail

    New York State Unified Court System
  • Defending yourself in an eviction case

    Going to court to defend yourself in an eviction proceeding can be a stressful experience. Preparing before you go increases the chance that you will win your case and be able to continue your tenancy. The following is a list of defenses you can use to try to get the judge to throw the landlord's case out. Read More

    Neighborhood Legal Services, Inc.
  • Tenant's guide to housing court

    General information for tenants about housing court and housing cases. Content Detail

    City Bar Justice Center
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    Spanish / Español
  • Form that asks a housing court judge for another court date

    This free online program helps you prepare an “Affidavit in Support of an Order to Show Cause” to ask the judge to let you come back to court to continue to resolve your housing case if you need more time. When you finish the program, print it out and give it to the Housing Court Clerk along with copies of any proof you want the judge to look at. Content Detail

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    Spanish / Español
  • 10 mistakes tenants make in housing court

    Many tenants get evicted unnecessarily because of simple mistakes that could have been avoided. Use this resource to make your experience at Housing Court less intimidating and avoid common mistakes. Read More

    Legal Services NYC
  • What is an appeal?

    An appeal is when someone who loses a case asks an Appellate Court, a higher court, to review the decision and change it. Appeals are hard and have strict rules and deadlines. Learn about the process to get started. Content Detail

    New York State Unified Court System
  • What tenants should know about the court process

    General information for tenants about housing court procedures, including what to expect on your first day in court, and how your case might be resolved. Content Detail

    Housing Court Answers

Tenants in foreclosed homes and apartment buildings (2)+

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