This checklist can help you get ready for housing court. You won't need or have everything on the list. And there may be some other things you should bring too.

  • All court papers and papers from the landlord.
  • The original lease and renewal leases.
  • Proof of rent payments: rent receipts, canceled checks or copies of money orders.
  • Records of apartment and building problems, including problems with heat, hot water, and all other repairs and services.
  • Photographs of problems in your apartment or building. Label the photograph with the date it was taken and what is pictured.
  • Copies of letters or other documents you sent to the landlord, superintendent or government agencies about problems in the apartment or building.
  • Receipts for work and materials if the landlord did not respond to your requests and you had to make repairs yourself.
  • List of dates you talked to the landlord, superintendent or other building staff about problems in the apartment or building.
  • If your case is scheduled for a hearing or trial, bring witnesses to testify.
  • Anything else you believe will help your case.

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Last Reviewed: September 20, 2023