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Becoming a U.S. citizen (3)+

  • A guide to naturalization

    This 50-page PDF document explains in detail who can apply for citizenship and has important information about when it is necessary to speak to a lawyer before applying. Content Detail

    CUNY Citizenship and Immigration Project
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  • Citizenshipworks

    Citizenshipworks is a free online service that helps you apply for citizenship, step-by-step. It will tell you about any potential problems with your application and connect you to the expert help you need, either online or in person. It will also tell you what other documents you need to submit, and what to expect after you apply. Content Detail

    created by Pro Bono Net and the Immigrant Advocates Network
  • Filling out the N-400

    Learn some tips to help you file your N-400 form and then use the checklist to make sure you have included everything you need with your application. Read More

    CUNY Citizenship Now

U.S. citizenship for my child (1)+

The citizenship interview and test (2)+

Bringing family to the U.S. (1)+

Citizenship through military service (2)+

Dual citizenship (1)+

  • Countries that allow dual citizenship

    If considering becoming a U.S. Citizen, learn which countries allow dual citizenship after U.S. naturalization. This resource may also be useful to parents who have concerns about international parental child kidnapping. Content Detail

    CUNY Citizenship and Immigration Project

I need an interpreter (2)+