A freelance worker is any individual hired by another person or company to provide services.

hiring party is any individual or business, other than a government entity, who hires a freelance worker.

Freelancer services may be commonly referred to as:

  • gigs
  • tasks
  • projects
  • side or contingent work
  • working on contract or spec
  • freelancing
  • contracting
  • subcontracting
  • consulting
  • moonlighting
  • entrepreneurship
  • alternative arrangements
  • self-employment

Whether or not you are an "independent contractor" depends on a variety of factors and the nature of your work arrangement. You can contact DCWP if you have questions about your qualifications as a freelance worker, independent contractor, or employee.

You have rights regardless of your immigration status.

Your rights as a freelance worker include:

  • Written contract. All contracts worth $800 or more must be in writing.
  • Timely payment. The hiring party must pay you for all completed work. You must receive payment on or before the date that is in the contract.
  • Freedom from Retaliation. It is illegal for a hiring party to penalize, threaten, blacklist, or otherwise deter workers from exercising their rights.
  • Right to File a Complaint. You can file a complaint with DCWP.

Click "Learn More" to learn more about your rights or learn how to file a complaint.

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Last Reviewed: September 12, 2023