If you are having problems with your heat or hot water, and your landlord is not fixing them, keep a record (log). Write down the problems and events when they happen. You can use your records as evidence in a court case.

These are the heat & hot water rules for landlords:

  • Heating Season is Between October 1st and May 31st -
    • During the Day - If below 55°F outside; Inside should be at least 68°F
    • At Night: No matter what the temperature is outside, inside should be at least 62°F
  • Hot Water:  all year at 120°F

A good record of heat or hot water problems includes:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Calls to the 311 Complaint Number
  • Outdoor Temperature
  • Temperature Inside the Apartment
  • Hot Water? (Yes or No)
  • Witness (if you have one)

Click below for an example of a log you can use to keep your records. 


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Last Reviewed: August 31, 2023