Here is a sample letter you can copy and paste, and then edit so that it has your personal information:

[Today's date] 

Dear [Landlord]:

I am writing to request that repairs be immediately made to my apartment. I have told [the super] about these issues, but they have not been repaired.

The repairs are:   

[Bathroom: mold on the wall by the toilet and the vinyl floor by the toilet is coming up.]

[Kitchen: leaking from the pipes below the sink]

[Large Bedroom: peeling paint and plaster around the window sills, poor insulation around the windows through which cold air comes into the room, broken radiator that does not heat up.]
Please contact me to set up dates and times for the repairs to be made. I will need reasonable notice in advance of the date and time for the repairs.                                                                                                                                                                                       


[Your name (Apt #)]

[Your phone number] (optional)

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Last Reviewed: February 13, 2017