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A sample letter to your landlord requesting repairs

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About this letter

It is important to put your request for repairs or services in writing, even if you have already spoken to your landlord, manager or super.

You can use the letter below as a guide. Download it and fill it out with your personal information. 

Be sure to keep a copy of your letter and proof that you mailed it. To prove you mailed it, send it certified mail, with return receipt requested.

Include the following details in your letter:

  • The problem in your home.
  • Each time you complained to your landlord or asked for the problem to be fixed.
  • What promises--if any--your landlord made about making the repairs.

Sample Letter

Here is a sample letter you can copy and paste, and then edit so that it has your personal information:


[Today's date] 

Dear [Landlord]:


I am writing to request that repairs be immediately made to my apartment. I have told [the super] about these issues, but they have not been repaired.

The repairs are:   

[Bathroom: mold on the wall by the toilet and the vinyl floor by the toilet is coming up.]

[Kitchen: leaking from the pipes below the sink]

[Large Bedroom: peeling paint and plaster around the window sills, poor insulation around the windows through which cold air comes into the room, broken radiator that does not heat up.]
Please contact me to set up dates and times for the repairs to be made. I will need reasonable notice in advance of the date and time for the repairs.                                                                                                                                                                                       


[Your name (Apt #)]

[Your phone number] (optional)

Download the sample letter (Word)

Last Review and Update: Feb 13, 2017