In a termination hearing, NYCHA decides if you should be evicted. NYCHA may start a termination case against you for:

  • Late payment of rent during a 12 month period (also called "Chronic Rent Delinquency")
  • Underreporting or misrepresenting income
  • Failing to prove income
  • A perso lives in your apartment without permission
  • Criminal activity or other problem behavior
  • Breaking the housing authority rules
  • Violating a "probationary stipulation" (agreement to follow certain rules) 

If you are accused of Chronic Rent Delinquency, the manager must show that NYCHA has tried to help you improve your rent paying history before they send your file for termination. Note: Regular nonpayment of rent cases do not go through this process, they are heard in Housing Court.

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Last Reviewed: August 31, 2023