In order to potentially receive SSI, you generally need to fall into a category called a "qualified alien" and fulfill a condition that allows qualified aliens to receive SSI. There are seven categories of qualified aliens, and some situations may make you a "deemed qualified alien," such as being lawfully admitted for permanent residence, granted asylum, having served in the U.S. Armed Forces, being a Cuban or Haitian entrant. or having deportation withheld under certain circumstances. These are just a few examples of conditions that may make a noncitizen eligible for SSI.

You must also meet all the other SSI rules, including income and resource limits. It's important to consult the Social Security Administration or an immigration professional for specific information based on individual circumstances.

When applying for SSI benefits, you'll need to provide proof of your immigration status. If you have a sponsor, their income and resources may be considered alongside yours.

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Last Reviewed: July 14, 2023