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  • Discount Cards are not Health Insurance!

    This resource provides a warning to all residents who have purchased or have considered purchasing "discount cards" that are marketed as if they are health insurance plans. The advertisements for discount plans appear everywhere – on telephone poles, in elevators, on unsolicited faxes and in spam e-mails. They all boast low monthly rates and provide a contact number for information. Unfortunately, if additional details are provided, they do not always tell the full story. Read More

  • Fraud Against Seniors

    The FBI’s Common Fraud Schemes webpage provides tips on how you can protect yourself and your family from fraud. Content Detail

    Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • How do I report a scam?

    Are you or someone you know being taken advantage of financially? This resource gives some background on financial exploitation and fraud and explains how to report different types of scams. Read More

    Nassau Suffolk Law Services
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  • How to Report Medicare Fraud

    This resource provides an overview of steps you can take to report Medicare fraud. Content Detail

    United States Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
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    Spanish / Español
  • Identity Theft

    This resource provides facts about identity theft and how you can recognize the signs if you suspect that you have become a victim of this. Read More

  • Just Say No! to Senior Scams

    This resource explains what Seniors must be on the look out for in order to avoid scams. Read More

    Consumer Action
  • Protecting Older Americans From Telemarketing Scams: A Quick Guide for Advocates

    This article provides a list of common telemarketing scams as well as provides practical steps to prevent or remedy telemarketing fraud. Read More

    National Consumer Law Center
  • U.S. Postal Inspection Service

    If your mail is stolen or if a criminal has fraudulently changed your address, you can contact the U.S. Postal Inspection Service and report the theft to your local postal inspector. Content Detail

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  • Sample Cease Letter

    Are debt collectors constantly calling you? Do you feel harassed by these calls? You can stop debt collection calls by sending a "cease letter" to the debt collector stating that you want them to stop contacting you. Here is an easy-to-use sample letter that you can type into directly or that you can print and fill out by hand. Content Detail

    New Economy Project

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  • Small Claims Court

    Information about small claims cases and court, including the locations and contact information of the Small Claims Courts in Nassau County. Content Detail


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