Collection Basics

If you won a Judgment you are now a Creditor and the losing side is a Debtor. The Debtor owes money to the Creditor and should pay the money due. But, collecting a judgment may not be easy. To begin collecting a judgment, the Creditor should contact the Debtor or Debtor’s attorney, if there is one, and ask the Debtor to pay. If the Debtor doesn’t pay, the Creditor has to look for the Debtor’s money. After you find the Debtor’s money and property, there are tools to help collect the judgment.

Note: You won’t be able to collect the judgment if the Debtor files for bankruptcy. The Debtor will give you papers from the Bankruptcy Court that tell you what to do to protect your claim.

There are many tools to help you collect money or property from the Debtor. Some Courts give you the forms you need. Contact the Court to see if it has a form for you and to find out where to file it.

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Last Reviewed: September 22, 2023