Do you need to bring your landlord to court to get repairs or stop harassment by your landlord? You can file an "HP action" in housing court. This is a link to an interview that helps you make the court forms. The link takes you to another website, "LawHelp Interactive." 

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1. The interview will ask for information about you, your landlord, and the facts of your case.

2. When you finish answering the questions, the interview will create the documents to give the court and your landlord.

3. Look over all the documents to make sure the information is correct. If you see mistakes, you can go back to the interview and change your answers.

4. When you are done, some spaces in the court papers will still be blank. Some blanks are for the court to fill in. Other blanks are for you to fill in by hand after you have brought the papers to court.

5. You can save and print the documents.

6. The LawHelp Interactive website will also give you instructions about how to "file" them in court and how to "serve" them.

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Last Reviewed: August 31, 2023