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My wages are being garnished (1)+

  • Frozen Bank Accounts

    What to do if your bank account has been frozen by creditors. Includes a discussion of a law protecting people who receive government benefits like SSI and unemployment. Read More

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I have exempt income (1)+

  • What kinds of income can be taken out of my bank account?

    Exempt income is money you receive that cannot be taken by debt collectors. If your benefits have been taken out of your bank account or your bank account has been frozen, read this resource to learn more about your rights. This resource is designed for residents in Nassau and Suffolk counties. Read More

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I am setting up a payment plan (1)+

I am dealing with debt from medical bills (1)+

  • I Am Being Sued for a Medical Debt. What Should I Do?

    I Am Being Sued for a Medical Debt—What Should I Do? I HAVE RECEIVED A SUMMONS AND COMPLAINT ABOUT A MEDICAL DEBT—WHAT DO I DO? If you are served with a Summons and Complaint, you must file an “Answer.” An Answer is a response by the defendant (the person being sued) to the claims made by the plaintiff (the medical provider or company who filed the lawsuit) that includes defenses. Defenses are reasons why the plaintiff should not win. To file an Answer, you should go to the clerk’s office in the courthouse where the case was filed and fill out an answer form. Read More

    Mobilization for Justice, Inc.

I am having trouble paying my bills (1)+


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