What You Should Know About Emergency Assistance and the Department of Social Services (DSS)

DSS can help with these emergencies:

  • You have little or no food.
  • You have no place to stay.
  • You are facing eviction.
  • You are facing foreclosure.
  • You have no fuel for heating during the cold weather period.
  • You have a notice of utility shut off within 72 hours.
  • Your utilities have been shut off.
  • You lack items necessary to meet your household’s health and safety needs, and there are no resources available to meet the emergency.

What emergency assistance is available?  

  • Expedited food stamps and/or food vouchers.
  • Payment of rent, mortgage or property tax arrears.
  • Payment of storage, moving expenses, security deposits to prevent homelessness.
  • Temporary housing assistance.
  • Payment to utility or to a fuel company to get or keep utilities on.
  • Repairs to property you own that are important to health or safety.
  • Replacement of clothing or furnishings lost in a fire, flood or other catastrophe
  • Emergency child care.
  • Help with transportation.
  • Referral to community agencies who can help.
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Last Reviewed: March 28, 2023